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Syncing with baby ✨🌻

Have you ever felt a connection with one of your clients & their unborn baby/babies? I haven’t either, until recently…in this photo, you’ll see a pregnant woman. When I look at this photo, I see & feel a divine connection. As my client and I continued with our comfort measures to prepare her for birth, we started talking about “Astrology”. Now I’m not a big astrology person so I don’t keep up with all of the signs, besides mine and a few others. Anywho, after conversing…my client and I, suddenly realized that she would be giving birth to a “Taurus” baby (baby gender unknown). I laughed hysterically, because I too am a “Taurus” and I completely understood what and who she was dealing with, lol. (Boss Baby)

Tauruses are known to have a “head strong personality & make great leaders to say the least”. Still it was something about this pregnancy and unborn baby that I could just feel. A good feeling, by the way! Time had passed and the good energy continued. Although it started as a joke, with me rubbing mama’s belly and talking “junk” to baby (mom was telling me that maybe baby will listen to me) 😂, I started being intentional with my words. I said to baby “I know you can hear me, everyone is waiting for you, you can come when you’re ready and stop being a Taurus..I know we’re on our own time”. Mom & I both laughed as she agreed with me. Still rubbing baby & talking, there was little to no movement at first…before I could finish, I instantly felt a rumble on my hand. After the rumble, came a “quick party” and in that moment, mom and I laughed at how “baby” was laughing at us. I said to baby again “now I’ll just let you be, because you’re clearly showing us who’s the boss” here comes another “baby party” 😂😂😂 The funniest thing became one of the sweetest moments of my Doula journey, to feel & witness this pregnancy journey from conception to now…I just feel like I was able to not only bond with my client on a different level, but to bond and synch with “baby“ as well. One of the most sacred & beautiful connections of divinity & I’ll forever be grateful to mom & baby for allowing me to be exclusively included in their lives. Full circle moment for sure, life as a Doula. ✨🌻

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