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SunFlower Births

SunFlower Births, is a holistic and alternative health service, providing both Birth and Postpartum services to new and or expecting families. Providing resources and items for their needs and babies' needs. My business also offers dad support and prepare them on how to support their spouse before, during, and after labor.


Doulas are professionally trained to assist expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy. They educate women on pregnancy, labor, and new motherhood, as well as provide emotional and physical support. A doula's role is to assist a woman through the birthing process, ensuring a healthy and liberating experience. SunFlower Births has assisted over 50 families with birth and postpartum support, ensuring that all families are treated equally and educated with evidence based information.

SunFlower Births offers, birth and postpartum services to support families before, during and after pregnancy along with breastfeeding education. Dad's are not excluded, we love to prepare dads for their new journey as well by providing them with educational material as well.

We provide Placenta encapsulation, Breast Milk soap, PostPartum Capsuled and more. Book your consultation with us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

What is a Doula?

Ever wished for an extra pair of hands, a comforting voice, and a calm presence during one of life’s most incredible journeys? That’s where doulas step in. Picture us as your steadfast companions, your nurturing guides through the beautiful maze of pregnancy, labor, and beyond.

A doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, physical, and informational support to individuals and families before, during, and after childbirth. Unlike midwives, who are medically trained to assist with the birthing process, doulas primarily focus on non-medical aspects of childbirth support. Their role includes offering continuous encouragement, helping with relaxation techniques and comfort measures during labor, advocating for the birthing person's preferences and wishes, and providing postpartum support such as breastfeeding assistance and emotional guidance.

So, what exactly is a doula? We’re your confidantes, your advocates, your trusted allies throughout the entire birthing process. From providing emotional reassurance to offering practical advice, we’re here to listen, to empower, and to ensure that your journey to parenthood is as smooth and empowering as possible.


Our Commitment to Inclusivity and Respect

At Sunflower Birth, we are deeply committed to diversity and inclusion, striving to serve families from all backgrounds and cultures with sensitivity and respect. We believe that every birthing journey is unique and deserves to be celebrated, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or socioeconomic status. Our team of doulas is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space where all families feel supported, understood, and empowered. 


Whether you're embarking on your first pregnancy or welcoming a new addition to your family, we are here to stand by your side with compassion, understanding, and unwavering support.

Sunflower Seeds Of Knowledge

We've gathered a bouquet of helpful resources to complement your experience with Sunflower Birth. From insightful articles to trusted organizations, these resources are handpicked to support families from all walks of life. Whether you're seeking tips for a smoother labor, advice on breastfeeding, or simply a dose of inspiration, you'll find it here.


So grab a cup of tea, cozy up, and let these sunflower seeds of wisdom nourish your mind and soul as you prepare to welcome your little one into the world.

Doulas & Midwives

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Nurturing families with holistic birth support and educational resources.

Teen Community Health Workers

Supportive community connecting families with resources.

Women's Health Issues & Dangers

Legal advocacy for women's health rights and product safety concerns.

Mental Health Therapist

Self-awareness for holistic growth, with trauma-informed counseling.


Soar Firm

Coaching, Counseling, Consulting to achieve your goals. 

Conversations with Lakesha

Doula Lakesha Quarles shares insights on childbirth and empowerment.

Shoutout ATL:
Lakesha Quarles

Doula and educator empowers families through childbirth and education.

Lakesha with Sunflower Births is an amazing doula! She was there for me, my husband, and my baby at every stage. She prepared us for the birthing process, listened to our intentions for labor & afterward, and was available anytime for questions & when it was time to deliver our baby. The atmosphere she set for my birth was truly magical. I was able to welcome our baby into calm & peacefulness. I received guidance throughout my labor, & felt empowered that I had the power to bring our baby into the world. We welcomed the postpartum visits, were able to get questions answered & much-needed help was offered during this new time for us. I was even able to get soap bars made from my breast milk which ended up being such a godsend for myself & baby. I can’t sing Lakesha’s praises enough! You will not regret booking her for your doula needs. 😊🌻

-Aja W.

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