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A Father's Perspective...

As a first-time father, I didn't know what to expect during our pregnancy term. I was so nervous and anxious every day; Honestly, it was a lot to deal with. So, when my partner and I discussed hiring a doula, I was all for it. We understood that we needed someone to share the whole experience with us through her own expertise, and the fact that she looked like us was a major plus.

Upon her hire, we expected to receive quality and professional service, but we didn't foresee that we would also make a lifelong friend in the process. In life, we connect most with people who are considerate of our emotions; and who are willing to share in our journey. Our doula was so engaged that it often felt as though she would be the one to deliver our baby girl.

Emotionally, they help families to feel supported, easing the emotional experience of birth and also helping to create a space where the hormones of labor can work at their best. We all know that pregnancy should be as less stressful as possible, and ours did a great job of sharing our anxieties about it. Every family can benefit from the nurturing care of a doula.

Physically, they provide position ideas for comfort, labor progression, and posture advice. She was very hands-on with a comforting touch, counter pressure, breathing techniques, and other “doula magic”. My girlfriend often referred to our doula’s hands as, both, skilled and thorough.

Where I didn't expect her to be useful was in supporting me as well. I thought that they centrally focus on the mother and not the partner. The amount of concern and interest in my anxieties made me feel as much of a priority as my girlfriend was. It was a really nice gesture, and it only further validated our decision to hire her.

So many people, men namely, are so uneducated about pregnancy and how to make the journey as easy as possible; I definitely was one of those men. During this experience, I realized that having a doula is essential. They are very supportive, pre, peri, and post-partum. They can be that voice that so many families need during those vulnerable moments and I highly recommend one to anyone seeking to start or extend their family.

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