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Can You Parent Each Child the Same?

Whoever thought parenting could be so hard or easy some may say for them?... Did you know?.... Did I know?...

Did we ever get a rule book for this?... Some may say "the Bible is used as a tool", and some may say otherwise, but is every child the same... Can you parent each child the same?... Take it from me, I'm a full-time working mom, and entrepreneur of multiple businesses with a high school teenager and a 10-year-old son. My life is ever so on going from being a teacher, life coach, personal trainer, spouse, and full-time mommy. Mommy's name is always called, lol. You have to figure out how to balance all of those things, don't know what to do with a moody teenage boy and a 10-year-old son always needing you. You have to continue to be a parent. How can we be a parent in the same manner to every child? Every child is different and guess what every child is unique. Whoever said that when you conceived and went into the delivery room to deliver and give birth, everything would be so perfect, everything would fall in line, and every child would do this correctly and that correctly, and everything would be good?... If someone told me that I would give birth 100-fold, lol. But that's not reality. Sometimes it's hard as hell, sometimes it's calm and laid back. Some may say the second child is the one that really tries your limits, lol. I know for me; he was definitely my busier one and daredevil. Sometimes we just don't know. Did anyone ever tell us parenting would be hard... NOPE.

As mothers we make things work. One child may need more attention than the other, one may need more correction, no matter what it may be, every child is different for a reason. We may not always know what to say or do at certain times, but we make it work and look effortless. We are nurturers and we just know certain things and we know our children for the most part and know what works for us. And guess what?... If it doesn't work, we try something different...

Parenting isn't easy, it takes patience and practice to understand each child and what works for that child. I wouldn't do the same that I did with my 15-year-old when he was 10 years old that I would now do with my 10-year-old, because they are different. As the years go by, I learn new things about each of my boys, and in turn, I must adjust my parenting. Your morals and values may remain the same but there are different ways you parent each child. And guess what parents?... Do you know what's not hard about parenting?.... Loving your kids unconditionally and giving support. So I'll end this by saying my boys are my gift and through them, my parenting skills have grown and are ever-changing. My parenting is dope and so are the two that made me a parent, MY Jacobe and Caleb.

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