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Parenting is hard...

Parenting is hard…hear me out!

They say parenting is hard, and I say damn right…hear me out before you judge me.

Parenting is the best thing ever, says no one! Parenting is the best thing ever, but no one ever said it would be easy. I have yet to meet anyone that was given a manual at birth to help direct and guide them through the journey of parenting. The long days and even longer nights, not to mention the sick days and having to decide between staying home to care for your child or going to a job that you really need, especially if you’re not fortunate enough for that luxury, just yet. “Hold on it’s coming, sis”

A good parent wants the best for their children. A good parent worries about the needs of their children as well as their safety before they worry about themselves. That’s just what good parents do, but who is there to hold us, parents?

For the days we need to vent, scream, cry, or yell, without feeling judged? The days we want to shut completely down, but can’t because even if we’re home alone, we somehow still hear our names being called? The days we want to say, “F it all” and just be, like really free, with no bra, no make-up, a bowl of ice cream, messy house, while sitting in our favorite spot on the couch, watching our favorite flick. Who will hold us?

As responsible parents, we sleep, breathe, and live for our children but it’s time to put the “society manual down of what parents should or shouldn’t be” and live for you. Do what makes you happy, if it’s not harmful or neglectful, parent how you want to parent. Let your hair down, play your favorite jams, slow dance like it’s your last dance, laugh a little harder at your own jokes, eat your favorite dessert or two, write in your journal, sang like you’re Whitney Houston, and don’t worry…be happy.

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