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SunFlower Births

SunFlower Births, is a holistic and alternative health service, providing both Birth and Postpartum services to new and or expecting families. Providing resources and items for their needs and babies' needs. My business also offers dad support and prepare them on how to support their spouse before, during, and after labor. 

Doulas are professionally trained to assist expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy. They educate women on pregnancy, labor, and new motherhood, as well as provide emotional and physical support. A doula's role is to assist a woman through the birthing process, ensuring a healthy and liberating experience. SunFlower Births has assisted over 50 families with birth and postpartum support, ensuring that all families are treated equally and educated with evidence based information.

SunFlower Births offers, birth and postpartum services to support families before, during and after pregnancy along with breastfeeding education. Dad's are not excluded, we love to prepare dads for their new journey as well by providing them with educational material as well.

We provide Placenta encapsulation, Breast Milk soap, PostPartum Capsuled and more. Book your consultation with us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Birth Doula Consultation

    Valid for 7 days
    • Postpartum Doula Consultation

      Valid for 7 days
      • SunFlower Basic Plan

        Tier 1
        Valid for 6 months
        • 1- virtual prenatal visit.
        • 8-10 hours of birth support.
        • Resources for partner included.
        • 1- virtual postpartum visit.
        • Basic Breastfeeding education.
        • Payment plan option * $200.00 deposit required.
      • SunFlower For Us Plan

        Tier 2
        Valid for 6 months
        • 1- Virtual Prenatal visit.
        • 1- In person Prenatal visit.
        • 10-12 hours of birth support.
        • Breast-feeding Education provided.
        • 1- virtual postpartum visit.
        • 1- In person postpartum visit.
        • Resources for partner included.
        • Payment plan option * $200.00 deposit required.
      • SunFlower Luxe Package

        Tier 3
        Valid for 6 months
        • 1- prenatal home visit.
        • 1- virtual prenatal visit.
        • 12-15 hours birth support.
        • 2- in home postpartum visits.
        • Breastfeeding education provided.
        • Resources for Partner.
        • Payment plan option * $200.00 deposit required.
      • Placenta Encapsulation Training

        Want to become a Certified Placenta Specialist? This course is for Birth workers ONLY!!
        Valid for 3 months
        • Placenta Encapsulation

          The possible benefits of placenta encapsulation include; a decrease in postpartum mood disorders, in
          Valid for 3 months
          • Postpartum Meal for Mom & Dad-A la carte

            Enjoy a comfort meal for you and your partner, children included. Up to 5 people!
            Valid for 2 months
            • Placenta Print&Cord Keepsake-A la carte

              A placenta print is using your baby's placenta to make a print on a canvas as a keepsake, along with
              Valid for 3 months
              • Postpartum Visit- A la carte

                In need of extra postpartum care? Add on extra hours to fit your needs. $50 a hour! Minimum of 2hrs!
                Valid for one month
                • Additional postpartum support for Mom. $50 per hour!
              • Postnatal Massage for MOM- A la carte

                20 minute postnatal massage for mom, with relaxing therapeutic essential oils.
                Valid for 3 months
                • Wind down and free your mind with this relaxing choice.
              • Doula Crash Course-Birth & Postpartum

                Perfect for moms, whether experienced or not...the PERFECT birth course to make you feel confident.
                Valid for 3 months
                • 2 hour in person or virtual birth and postpartum refresher.
                • 2 hours of virtual on call support during labor or PP!
              • Childbirth Education

                Looking to understand birth and its process? This course is for YOU!
                Valid for 3 months
                • 2 Hour Session- virtual or in person!
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