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Lakesha with Sunflower Births is an amazing doula! She was there for me, my husband, and my baby at every stage. She prepared us for the birthing process, listened to our intentions for labor & afterward, and was available anytime for questions & when it was time to deliver our baby. The atmosphere she set for my birth was truly magical. I was able to welcome our baby into calm & peacefulness. I received guidance throughout my labor, & felt empowered that I had the power to bring our baby into the world. We welcomed the postpartum visits, were able to get questions answered & much-needed help was offered during this new time for us. I was even able to get soap bars made from my breast milk which ended up being such a godsend for myself & baby. I can’t sing Lakesha’s praises enough! You will not regret booking her for your doula needs. 😊🌻

Aja W.

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